The Center for Psychology

The Center for Psychology was established in 2005 and has since been a pioneer provider of various psychological services in Singapore and South East Asia. Our highly trained professional psychologists and counsellors provide evidence-based therapy delivered in a mindful, compassionate, respectful and non-judgemental stance. We support individuals with everyday stresses and problems in a safe, comfortable, and private environment; regardless of race, gender, or religious preferences. Our services are extended to individuals, couples, families and groups with varying concerns.

In addition, we administer the latest and internationally recognised comprehensive psychological assessments for the purpose of understanding one's strengths and weaknesses, learning differences, school readiness, access accomodations and school placements. We also specilaise in a range of adult psychological assessments for the purpose of facilitating better work and home life. We offer Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) assessments for adults in search of having a better understanding of ongoing difficulties in life. 

For children under 7 years old and on the autism spectrum, we offer tailored home-based early intervention services that enable children in their developmental years the opportunity to bridge learning and developmental gaps.

We adhere strictly to the professional and ethical standards set forth by the American Psychological Association (APA), American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), British Psychological Society (BPS), and Singapore Psychological Society (SPS).




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